Seattle, WA Day 3 – April 2015

So I didn’t get the chance to post my Day 3 adventures in Seattle because I had a full day and did not get home until after midnight. Yesterday was day three in Seattle and day two of Norwescon. In the morning as I was eating my breakfast I was lucky enough to see George R. R. Martin again while he was just walking around, which was pretty awesome. I spent the rest of the morning attending different seminars, like One-on-One Combat for Writers where I got to see some pretty amazing sword action, and a seminar on how to write a vivid scene. I was able to learn a lot and meet some very interesting people.

Near Pioneer Square
Underground tour
Underground Tour

Later in the afternoon, I stopped over in Chinatown and got some delicious Thai food. After that I continued on downtown to Pioneer Square. Pioneer Square was a really pretty place. While I was there I went on an Underground Tour, where I got to explore the streets of Seattle at their original levels, which was way under the street level now. Later that night, after it got dark, I went on the paranormal tour in the underground, which was so much fun! The lights were out and I got use EVP, which made me feel like I was in an episode of Supernatural. Overall, it was a great mix of Norwescon nerding out and seeing more of beautiful Seattle.


You can see more from my trip to Seattle, WA here.


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