Seattle, WA Day 4 – April 2015

Today was quite a thrill. It was my forth and last day in Seattle and I could think of no better was to spend it than exploring the city with an amazing blogger and friend I met, Shelly! She is also a blogger, a Registered Dietitian, and a Seattle native. It took a little while to find her (I had to get from one end of Seattle to the other, which is not easy being directionally challenged), but when I finally did, it was the start of an amazing day!

We went to a cute little cafe and then I got a tour of the University where I got to see some beautiful cherry blossom trees and fountain. Then we went to Gas Works Park, which was so cool. I have never been to a park like that before. Then we went to see the Troll under the bridge, and finally, we topped the day off with one of my favorite activities, the zoo! It was so much fun to just hang out and get to know each other. Overall, it was an amazing last day in Seattle! I seriously love this town and I can’t wait to come back again.


You can see more from my trip to Seattle, WA here.


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3 thoughts on “Seattle, WA Day 4 – April 2015

    1. Aw, thank you so much Shelly! I had so much fun spending the day with you and getting to know you! Thank you for taking me around the city and being patient with me when I got lost. I can’t wait until we get to see each other again 🙂


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