Antigua, Guatemala: July 2014


I spent the rest of my time in Antigua, Guatemala. Antigua is very beautiful and a lot more safe and laid back, so if you are planning a trip to Guatemala, I recommend staying in Antigua (it’s probably an hour or so outside of the capital). It was amazing to finally get to meet Luis. He was such a sweet boy and he was so smart. I got to spend the day with him and his mother, as well as two local volunteers with Children International. We went to a history museum, which was beautiful and a lot of fun. I also got to visit Luis’ home and meet his two little brothers and his grandmother. I am so blessed to have been able to have this opportunity, and I am hoping to return to Guatemala in the summer of 2015.


If you are an amazing person and want to be even more amazing and have a pocketful of change to spare each month, please consider sponsoring a child. You will not only be helping this child go to school, eat a meal, and have access to health care services, but you will also be letting them know that someone out there in the big wide world cares about them.


You can see more of my photos from Guatemala here.


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