At a Glance: Guatemala

Country: Guatemala

Cities Visited: Ciudad de Guatemala and Antigua

Type of Travel: Solo Travel

Language: Spanish and English (though English is not as common, some people will know a few words).

Money: Guatemalan quetzal. There are plenty of ATMs around, so don’t worry too much about needing to bring your cash upfront.

Getting There: By plane is going to be the best option.

Getting Around: Most taxis are pretty cheap so it won’t cost too much to get around.

Where to Eat: There are plenty of great places to eat in both cities. I would recommend Del Griego and Alunta in Guatemala City. And I would recommend Meson Panza Verde (if you don’t mind spending a bit more) or Y tu Pina Tambien (if you want something a bit cheaper).

Where to Stay: In both Guatemala City and Antigua, there are plenty of good places to stay that are also affordable. Honestly, depending on what type of accommodation you prefer, AirBnB or HostelWorld will be your best resource.

What to See: There are plenty of art and cultural museums in both cities, which are always a favorite of mine.

What to Bring: Toilet paper isn’t necessarily an essential to bring (the TP quality is pretty moderate), but I would bring the other usual toiletries, both warm and cold clothing, and hiking boots that are comfortable to walk in for long treks.

Water: Do Not Drink! Do not drink the local tap water, play it safe and drink bottled water. Water is fine to shower or wash your clothes in, but I would highly recommend using bottled water for brushing your teeth as well.

Internet: Internet can be slow and it can be unreliable.

Comfort Level: Moderate.

Other Essentials: Be wary of going out alone at night. Even though there are some touristy parts of Guatemala, there are still many parts of the country where it can be dangerous for tourists to be out at night.

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3 thoughts on “At a Glance: Guatemala

  1. Uhhh… girlie, ” Toilet paper isn’t necessarily an essential to bring (the TP quality is pretty moderate)” that has got to be the weirdest advise I’ve ever seen in my 20 years of existence.
    What strange places have you travelled to?!
    I don’t think it’s that serious, or is it?
    Your making me nervous to go anywhere now.
    I feel slightly traumatised.

    — Blessings


    1. Haha it is weird advice, but it is definitely advice I wish I’d had before I went some places. In a lot of developing countries, toilet paper can be about the consistency of tissue paper, if it is even available at all (like Cambodia, for example) so it is definitely something you would want to consider bringing with you.

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