Crater Lake, Oregon: January 2016

If you grew up in southern Oregon, then chances are you have fond memories of going on many amazing outdoor field trips. Every year since I was in pre-K, my class climbed either the lower or upper Table Rocks. I looked forward to these trips every year. A chance to see the valley from a new angle, and my chance at adventure.

But, I also looked forward to the less frequent (which made it all the more special) class trips to Crater Lake, a national park located about 70 miles inland of my hometown. Crater Lake is one of the greatest natural beauties to behold.

Not only is Crater Lake a must see for anyone traveling through Oregon, but it is also great my travel bucket list. Being that Crater Lake is a National Park, it fulfills my goal of visiting at least one national park in each state.

Depending on when you visit, it costs about $10 to get in for the day. It is worth the drive up (which is also very beautiful), and there is plenty to do, see, and eat while you are up that way. To get directions, prices, and other information you can check out the Nation Park Service page here.

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