Trinidad, Cuba: April 2017

It was a long ride to Trinidad – longer than I thought. It was a little over five hours in total. I went via collective taxi. For those that don’t know what this it, it is exactly as the name implies: a shared taxi. This makes long distance travel cheaper, and a little less lonely. You always meet interesting people in these things.


Trinidad is beautiful beyond words. If I had more time, I probably would have photographed every door and window in the city. The colors were astounding. The metal work beautiful. Trinidad was a lot smaller than Havana – I could literally walk all the way to the edges of town in about 20 minutes. But just because it was smaller, didn’t mean there was less to do.

In their own central park, Parque Céspedes, you could get wifi (and wifi cards), as well as meet locals and other fellow travelers. Good food and drinks were never far from this center. And nightlife was booming. I spent each of my four nights at the Casa de la Musica club, where I enjoyed wonderful mojitos, live music, and dancing.


If you do find yourself out this way, I recommend going on one of the horseback riding tours. I went with Trinidad Travels. The price is a little more expensive, but I think it is worth it for the English guide, the prepaid meals and park fees, and of course the helmets (literally, we were the only tour group that had helmets). However, this is not a purely leisurely ride, there is a lot of bumpy trotting, getting on/off the horses at various stops (like the coffee plantation, the sugar cane farm, lunch, the swimming hole), and the hike to the swimming hole is not for those that do not enjoy hiking. But it is a beautiful spot and worth seeing if that is your kind of thing.


Overall, if you find yourself in Cuba, I would recommend also finding yourself out east in Trinidad as well.

You can see more photos from my trip to Cuba here.

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