Havana, Cuba: Part II, April 2017

Havana, Part II, was better than I could have possibly imagined. In large part, this was due to the host family that I stayed in a lovely house in Miramar. They were so welcoming and made me feel right at home (p.s. the food was also amazing!).


During my second stay in Havana, I got to do some deeper exploring of the city. I went to some really great museums – the Museo del Chocolate, the Museo de la Revolución, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, the house Papa Hemingway spent a great deal of his life in, and among other. I love going to museums, so Havana was definitely the city for me. There is so much history to be learned in the city, and the museums are a great place to start.

Another great part of my stay in Havana was the fellow travelers I met. It is always fun to meet fellow, like-minded travelers. Havana is also a great place to meet locals. There are plenty of young locals who love having conversations about politics, travel, and the future they see for their country. I spent a lot of time chatting with locals – some of the friendliest people I have met. If you take the time to get to know them, I promise you will get great stories.


As long as you are in Havana, you should take one of the old car tours. They aren’t hard to find. There is a large sea of old car taxis right across from the central park in Old Havana. I found prices between 20 to 50 CUC per hour.

If you have a chance, I would also recommend going out to one of the beaches (it is about 1-2 hours via bus). The are so pristine, beautiful, and you can get really good fish.


Even though I spent two weeks in Cuba, I feel I could have easily spent another two (or more). I truly believe that Cuba is a country everyone should visit at least once in your lives. The culture, the people, the places, and cities are all incredibly beautiful, and I am hoping to make it back again within the next year.

You can see more photos from my trip to Cuba here.

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