A Vagabond’s Bucket List


  • visit the ruins of chichen itza
  • visit easter island
  • visit the children i sponsor – luis
  • visit reflecting salt flat in bolivia
  • visit rio
  • go on a photography trip to cuba



  • river tube at vang vieng, laos
  • spend a year living in asia
  • visit angkor wat
  • walk on the great wall of china
  • visit south korea
  • visit cambodia
  • visit the taj mahal
  • jungle trek to see the orangutans at bukit lawang, sumatra
  • visit india
  • rock climb at railey’s bay, krabi, thailand
  • see the sunrise over mt. bromo, indoensia
  • surf at nias island, sumatra
  • see the sydney opera house
  • visit the filming locations of the lord of the rings and the hobbit
  • visit/volunteer at orangutan sanctuary in borneo
  • visit the kunming stone forest
  • visit heaven’s gate, china
  • see the big buddha in phuket, thailand


  • visit westminster abbey
  • live in england
  • visit norway
  • visit all the countries of my ancestors
  • visit the grave of j. r. r. tolkien
  • visit poland
  • backpack europe solo
  • go surfing in norway
  • visit germany
  • visit prague
  • celebrate st. patrick’s day in ireland
  • visit rome
  • visit the sistine chapel
  • visit abbey road and recreate the beatles cover
  • touch the bottom on nemo 33
  • go to iceland
  • visit budapest
  • see the lavender fields in france



  • do an overland tour of the ‘stans’
  • visit chernobyl


Middle East and North Africa

  • visit petra, Jordan
  • see the great pyramid of giza
  • spend time in israel
  • spend time in palestine
  • float in the dead sea
  • cruise the nile river
  • white water raft the nile river


Sub-Saharan Africa

  • visit the children i sponsor – hellen
  • go on a walking safari
  • see the sunrise over the san dunes of soussesvlei, namibia
  • spend time volunteering in Africa
  • go to africa and travel independently
  • volunteer at an animal sanctuary in south Africa
  • do an overland tour of africa


United States

  • visit all 50 u.s. states (11/50)
  • visit the grave of f. scott fitzgerald
  • visit the grave of ernest hemmingway
  • visit the grave of john steinbeck
  • visit four corners
  • visit new york city
  • horseback ride through bryce canyon, utah
  • watch the ball drop in times square
  • visit washington d.c.
  • visit at least one national park in each state (1/50)



  • spend time in a war-torn country
  • go on a grand road trip with friends
  • go to a formula 1 grand prix
  • step foot on antarctica
  • see the northern lights
  • spend the night with traditional minority families (i.e. masai warriors in kenya or hill tribe people in sapa)
  • see the sunset in zanzibar, san diego, koh lanta, cape town, kruger national park, and Portugal
  • set foot on all 7 continents (3/7)
  • become a member of the traveler’s century club
  • visit every country on the planet